Huawei employees worked with China military on research projects

Huawei has gone to great lengths to deny any close relationship with the Chinese government or military

Huawei employees worked with China military on research projects

The research projects are part of a few publicly disclosed studies, Bloomberg said, adding it culled the papers from published periodicals and online research databases used mainly by Chinese academics and industry specialists.

Huawei is a lot more than just the phones that bear its name.

"Huawei is not aware of its employees publishing research papers in their individual capacity", spokesman Glenn Schloss said in a statement to Bloomberg.

Huawei executives responded by claiming they are unaware of any such joint projects with the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Huawei products were targeted at the civilian market and would not be customized for military use, Bloomberg quoted the company spokesman.

China's Ministry of Defence made it clear that it does not comment on academic research. The Beijing company has repeatedly denied it poses any type of threat to USA entities, private or public.

HUAWEI STAFFERS allegedly collaborated with China's military on research projects related to artificial intelligence (AI) and radio communications.

An employee at the group's Shanghai office is listed as the lead author of one research project alongside a member of PLA unit 78156.

Still, several research papers published since 2009 show its employees have worked with researchers at different arms of the PLA, according to Bloomberg News. The company employs upwards of 180,000 people.

Tech companies and military agencies have been integrating around the globe for many years, producing lots of technologies that underpin the modern internet. In China, that public-private relationship is particularly close-knit because of Beijing's sway in every sector of the economy. "There is no so-called Chinese military background", he said.

Huawei has been facing suspicions around the world that its products and technology, and especially its development of 5G systems, might be used by China's government and military to further its aggressive economic and political agenda. "If it's very sensitive, it will be classified". "If a single backdoor was found in even one of the countries where we operate, our sales would shrink in all of them". While there's still plenty of business - even USA allies such as the United Kingdom and Germany haven't excluded Huawei completely - any scaling back of those ambitions threatens this growth momentum.

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