Climate talks hinge on GOP return, Gov. Brown says

Republican Walkout

Climate talks hinge on GOP return, Gov. Brown says

Many have fled the state, where Oregon State Police have no jurisdiction.

Republican senators in OR who walked out to thwart landmark climate legislation didn't show up to work for a fifth day Monday, with the GOP lawmakers insisting they will stay away and Democrats saying the minority party was stirring up "dangerous sentiments".

Democrats say the program is critical to make OR a leader in the fight against climate change and will ultimately create jobs and transform the economy.

State Sen. Tim Knopp, who represents Bend, Or., spoke with NPR's Morning Edition Monday from an undisclosed location in the state of Idaho. The western state's House bill 2020 would set limits to carbon emissions with permits auctioned off to polluting industries. "It makes us uncompetitive in manufacturing jobs and we will lose thousands of manufacturing jobs".

Some Democratic Senators on Monday voiced concerns over what a compromise could mean for the future of OR politics.

Brown blasted Baertschiger in an interview with The Associated Press, saying she refuses to negotiate with the Senate minority leader until he returns to the building. Baertschiger declined to describe the details of the talk. Like nearly all other bills in Salem, Democrats have attached an "emergency clause", which would enact Cap & Trade immediately upon the governor's signature, and make the bill harder to challenge at the ballot box. "My caucus and I intend to remain out of the state".

One of the main militias involved is the Three Percenters, a far-right group founded in 2008 that has provided armed protection to a number of ultra-right organizations and demonstrations throughout the United States and Canada, including the Charlottesville neo-fascist riot.

Eleven Republican senators from the USA state of OR are reportedly in hiding. "The militia's the militia", he said. "I know that good ideas sometimes take a lot of time to pass".

The governor said that she's prepared to convene a special session next week if necessary.

A day before the walkout, Republican Sen. In Sanders County, Montana in the late 1980s, militia members and white separatists responded to a tax increase by holding protest meetings where pamphlets on "mud people" and the "Jewish Occupied Government" were prominently displayed.

Oregon Senate Republicans said in a statement Thursday that they chose to stage a walkout and leave the state "to protest cap and trade because it should be referred to the ballot so every Oregonian has a voice".

"If you don't think these boots are for walking, you're flat wrong, Mr. President".

"I've been in this building for a very long time", said Brown, a former state representative, state senator and secretary of state. "Hell's coming to visit you personally", Boquist said.

However, one state senator has advised law enforcement looking for him to "send bachelors and come heavily armed".

That afternoon, at the behest of Senate President Peter Courtney, Gov. Capt. Timothy Fox of the Oregon State Police confirmed the threat. "Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day in the name of protecting Oregonians and should never be subject to these kinds of threats, let alone from a public official". "We will always defend free speech and welcome frank policy discussions, but threats like these are unacceptable".

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