'The Prom' Netflix Movie Musical Will Star Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, & More!

Meryl Streep Ariana Grande and Awkwafina will co-star in

Enlarge Image Meryl Streep Ariana Grande and Awkwafina will co-star in"The Prom. Getty Images

Ryan Murphy is bringing Broadway's The Prom to Netflix in the form of a movie musical, and the all-star cast was just revealed!

Sources told Deadline that Murphy will begin filming in December, with a view to an awards season cinema release in autumn 2020 ahead of The Prom screening on Netflix. A national tour will kick-off February 2021 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Meryl will star as Streep will play Dee Dee Allen, a two-time Tony victor, while Ariana will play the daughter of the head of the PTA.

The Prom centers on four down-and-out theater actors who head to IN, where they help a teen whose prom was cancelled when she tried to bring her girlfriend as her date.

Kidman, Black Monday's Andrew Rannells and The Late Late Show host James Corden will round out the central quartet of struggling thespians, playing the respective roles of Angie Dickinson, Trent Oliver and Barry Glickman. Grande will star as Alyssa, a popular daughter of the head of the PTA.

Awkwafina would play the group's publicist, Ms. Sheldon (a genderbent take on the musical's Sheldon Saperstein), as the group decides to find a cause that will boost their name in the papers after a disastrous Broadway opening. "All were the director's first choices, and each said yes quickly after seeing the Tony-nominated musical with its themes of inclusion and tolerance".

Prom joins Murphy's other Netflix productions, the series The Politicians, Ratched, and Hollywood, as well as two unannounced documentaries, and an adaptation of The Boys in the Band.

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