Telegram update adds location-based chats and much more

Telegram update adds location-based chats and much more

Telegram update adds location-based chats and much more

They won't have to call to share their contact details. You'll follow the same steps but now select the "Create a Local Group" option. Now, when you receive a message from a new contact, you will see a button on the top to add them to your list of contacts. This button will now be visible even if they have chosen to hide their mobile number after the Telegram 5.7 update. This update lets you add people nearby from the contacts section and even the other person has to do the same.

The new update also brings toggle message previews for the specific chats and the user can also search and delete all messages or chats with the new tool in Notification Exception.

In the group situation, the chats are open to everyone and anyone can access to join the group chat in the add people nearby settings and also the user can create his own location-based group chat with the help of this menu.

You can also download the APK file from here. As Telegram notes, "This update opens up a new world of location-based group chats for anything from conferences, to festivals, to stadiums, to campuses, to chatting with people hanging out in the same cafe".

Telegram now also allows transferring your administrator privileges to another member of a group, so if you don't want ownership of a group anymore you can pass it on to someone else within the group. And Telegram users with the iPhone or iPad can arrange to open chats hands-free using Siri shortcuts.

The Appearance setting has also be revamped to make it easier to for theme previews before applying them.

What not as popular in the it is overseas, the Telegram messaging app offers end-to-end encryption and no limits on the number of people you can chat with or broadcast to at one time.

The last few updates for Telegram app was mostly based on privacy and now the application is getting a new update with version 5.8 which will be based on improving local contacts without having their phone numbers.

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