Here’s the new 4K Amazon Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision

Amazon upgrades the Fireplace TV Version with Dolby Vision

Here’s the new 4K Amazon Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision

The announcement was made by the e-commerce giant at a personal press event that was held in the Dolby SoHo Space at NY, earlier in the day.

Amazon notes that there are hundreds of hours of streaming content offered in Dolby Vision format that users can enjoy on the Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV from Toshiba. The process uses expanded brightness to improve contrast between dark and light aspects of an image, bringing out deeper black levels and more realistic details in specular highlights - like the sun reflecting off of an ocean - in specially graded Dolby Vision material. Several studios support it, and budget TV competitor TCL has been delivering the very popular TV sets with support built-in for the last couple of years now.

The sets will launch for sale in the USA on Amazon and Best Buy, with no worldwide plans yet announced. Hands-free control is also supported via a separate Alexa device, like an Amazon Echo or Echo dot.

Amazon recently announced that there are over 34 million active Fire TV users. Adding this technology means Fire TV sets are better equipped to fight off the Roku-powered competition in the $500-or-less price range. When Mr. Gupta instructed the remote control "show me Bobby's office", the TV started playing a feed from a meeting room adjacent to the venue, that was arranged to resemble Bobby Axelrod's office from the show Billions.

The new Fire TV Edition from Toshiba features an RF antenna port, as well as three HDMI ports, one USB port, Ethernet, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, one analog audio port, and dual-band WiFi. The 55-inch model is available from Best Buy, including through Amazon's website, starting today; the other two models will arrive later this month.

The newest Fire TV, however, does not appear to have any other major difference from its previous version. Amazon will proceed selling both versions, with the novel model launched these days supposed as a subsequent-gen option somewhat than a replacement in its lineup.

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