Update On Change To Match Format During WWE TV Shows

WWE Don't Want Wrestling During Commercial Breaks

More Backstage News on the WWE TV Edict, WWE Considering Rounds In Matches

Monday Night Raw is a long show with a lot of commercial breaks, and unfortunately the commercial breaks often cut into the in-ring action. Speaking on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez noted that there was a recent production meeting in which Vince McMahon passed the edict that he no longer wants matches to run through adverts.

Two-out-of-three falls matches on televisions have been pretty rare on WWE television, however last week there were two. This led to "rest periods" during two-out-of-three falls and elimination matches.

The idea is similar to the old European rounds system, but at this point it's not known if WWE will be moving forward with the idea.

Overall, it would be hugely beneficial for their viewers at home if WWE went with this idea from time to time, and it could possibly boost TV ratings.

There could be a major change coming to WWE programming, if it hasn't already.

There is apparently a reason for those matches taking place.

WWE has introduced and nearly immediately dropped dimming the lights in the third hour of Raw as well as the "Electric Chair" segment from their programming over the past couple of months. The idea is that legitimate sports don't play during the break, so they are adjusting their match presentation in order to be more consistent with that idea.

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