Hamilton: "Bad decisions" by F1's rulemakers lead to boring races

Lewis Hamilton admits that it's not always easy when you hear boos

Hamilton: "Bad decisions" by F1's rulemakers lead to boring races

Since however, the reigning world champion has strung together four consecutive wins, leaving pundits to ponder whether Bottas has flamed out and entered another performance slump as was the case past year.

Wolff also addressed claims by Red Bull boss Helmut Marko that a change in the tyres for this season, which seems to have inadvertently helped Mercedes' competitiveness, should be reversed to bring the field closer together.

Indeed, as Lewis Hamilton cruised to another victory, and title, other than the technical woes of Lando Norris, the only other point of interest was Daniel Ricciardo's Dick Dastardly style moves on the Briton and Kimi Raikkonen in the final laps, and even these were to end in time penalties and demotion.

"With a decent start in some of the last races he could have won two of them, and he knows that", said Wolff after Sunday's French Grand Prix.

The Finn wasn't the only despondent one.

"If you look at a lot of the races, it's been half-a-tenth to a tenth-and-a-half between Valtteri and I ñ- so still have my work cut out, still have to perform, still have to deliver".

Asked if he had ever considered "showboating" by allowing rivals ahead of him to spice up the action, Hamilton said that he "can't win" however he achieves success.

"It's a different perspective when you sit in front of the TV and when you sit where I sit, when you hear all the things that need to be managed during the race", he said. However, sitting back as a fan, when you sit in the room with people who have to make the ultimate decision, we as humans are, I think, in my opinion, we can be biased.

Lewis Hamilton says he "understands" if people find Formula 1 boring in the face of Mercedes' domination but says it is not his or the team's fault. "It's still the same".

Hamilton has sounded apologetic at times during this dominant streak of F1 and often speaks of his desire to have other drivers and teams join the fight with Mercedes. I think there was the FIA and all the Formula 1 teams.

While he admires Wolff's talent as a manager Hamilton thinks F1 needs to be led by someone without any affiliation to an existing team.

"There is a discussion about making the cars heavier", Hamilton told Bild newspaper. "Really not good. They won't like me saying that".

The Finn won no races past year, as Hamilton romped to the title, and took most of the winter getting himself back into the right state of mind before returning re-energised in Melbourne as "Bottas 2.0".

"It is attractive to see 20 cars at a marvellous circuit, truly modern, a real motor racing circuit, with the best teams and the best drivers in the world", he said.

"Those responsible have taken too long to understand that us drivers should be in the discussion about the rules".

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