Britney Spears Receives 5-Year Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager Sam Lufti

Sam Lutfi

Britney Spears Granted Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager Sam Lutfi

Britney Spears has been granted a five-year restraining order against her former manager, Sam Lutfi.

The "Toxic" hitmaker sought protection from Sam Lutfi - who looked after her career from 2007 to 2008 - for herself and her family last month and now a judge has granted a five-year order forbidding him from contacting her and her relatives and from making disparaging comments about them online.

Judge Penny had earlier heard testimony from Lutfi and Britney's father Jamie, who has been her co-conservator for the past 11 years.

Jamie has been in charge of Britney's money and affairs through a court-ordered conservatorship for 11 years. Jamie testified that he was upset that Lutfi was attacking his family and trying to "disassemble the conservatorship".

"I was very angry".

Spears was not present in court, according to her spokesperson.

The singer's father conceded under questioning from Gans that he does not have a peaceful relationship with his daughter.

However, Gans hit back that the tweets can't be considered harassment and weren't aimed at any individuals in particular.

Lutfi has been accused of attempting to incite Britney fans by using the #FreeBritney hashtag, which started on social media amid claims Britney had been made a rehab inpatient against her will.

In a testimony that Penny struck from the record, the former manager said that Spears had reached out to him several times through the years to complain about her father's control over her.

"She wanted help to get out of this situation", Lutfi said.

Mr. Gans said outside court that they are considering an appeal.

In response, Lutfi claimed at the time that Spears has no evidence to prove that his messages and public tweets caused her reasonable substantial emotional distress.

Penny disagreed, citing that tweet in her decision as illegal incitement.

The hearing is closed to the media and public. But Penny, who also oversees Spears' conservatorship case, kept the courtroom open on Thursday.

The manager claimed in court that the initial temporary restraining order was too restrictive, and that the prohibitions against him saying negative things about Britney was a violation of his first amendment rights.

"He's been asked repeatedly to stay away from this family", Chad Hummel, an attorney for the conservatorship, said in closing arguments.

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