MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL Brings in $3.1M Domestic on Thursday

Image via Sony

Image via Sony

Men In Black: International is in theaters now. She notes that the film isn't necessarily a sequel, but isn't really a "fresh start" either. There's just all the stuff you recognize, assembled for you to notice and then not think about again for another 20 years. "My character, M, who has this experience with an extraterrestrial, it happens sort of on the same timeline as when Tommy Lee [Jones] and Will [Smith]'s characters would have been working inside the (Men In Black) organization". "You've only ever seen these films in the context of New York City". "I'm not sure I would have known that I could do what I do if [he] hadn't been on television every week.or in this film originally".

Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about followed by the official synopsis. "I hope we can get to a space where it's not noteworthy that a woman-particularly a woman of color-should topline studio films. I pitched 'Humans in Black, ' which would be 'HiB, ' which sounds like something you don't want to get", Ms. Thompson said, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald also provided some additional context for fans wondering where Men In Black International fits into the timeline.

"You spend so much time, especially earlier as an actor, auditioning and beating the hell out of yourself emotionally about it, like, "I shouldn't have done this" or [about] how you felt", Hemsworth explained. The movie is estimated to open to only an $8.5 million weekend gross.

Columbia Pictures/Tencent Media/Hemisphere's PG-13 fourthquel Men in Black: International took in $3.1M last night from previews starting at 4 3,472 locations.

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