Flume releases new song 'Let You Know' with London Grammar, brings

Flume teams with London Grammar for new single “Let You Know”

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Hannah's vocals paired with Flume's stunning sound design creates the ideal blend of styles that any fan of his music will quickly find themselves falling in love with.

The melancholic song sees Reid getting over the end of a romantic relationship.

On "Let You Know", Flume shows off an uncanny ability to compliment the musicality and timbre of his guest vocalist, while also staying true to his distinctive style. "Let You Know" with London Grammar is out now, and fits in more with his post-mixtape single "Friends" than the glitchy, sound design-heavy work on Hi This Is Flume. Then, within 24 short hours, he dropped the tape itself - a collection of 17 songs titled Hi This Is Flume that pushed his music into new and unusual directions, and ended up charting (because of course it did). It's a slower track, playing more off the vocals of London Grammar's Hannah Reid than his own intricacies. "I was on a writing trip to London, was actually the same trip where I first met slowthai", says Flume - AKA Harley Streten. Finally, Streten and Reid got into the studio last summer and effortlessly produced this gem of a track, creating a piece that Flume says "just came together really naturally in the studio that day". But it seems like the wait was worth it. "He's the kind of electronic artist who will be around forever".

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