United Kingdom businesses urged to step up preparations for no-deal Brexit

British MPs have defeated an attempt led by the opposition Labour Party to try to block a no-deal Brexit

British MPs have defeated an attempt led by the opposition Labour Party to try to block a no-deal Brexit

Change UK leader Anna Soubry asked what the current government could do to prevent a future prime minister proroguing Parliament to pass a no-deal Brexit.

A Labour MP has admitted he "made a mistake" by not voting for Theresa May's Brexit deal.

"We have to be prepared to leave with no deal at the end of October and, if it came to a choice between having to pick between no deal and no Brexit, I would pick no deal", Javid told BBC radio.

"I have really struggled very hard to think of every available opportunity and I can't now think of anymore". The motion was rejected by 309 MPs to 298.

He said "delaying this does not stop no-deal being the ultimate default end point, what it does it put it further into the future".

Some MPs fear that a no-deal Brexit could cause some serious economic and political damage to the UK. Labour stands ready to use whatever mechanism it can to protect jobs, the economy and communities from the disastrous consequences of a no deal Brexit.

The motion was submitted by the Labour Party during the so-called opposition day debate and had the backing of former cabinet minister Oliver Letwin and leaders of the Scottish National Party, the Welsh Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats party and the Green Party.

He said: "Business can have no absolute reassurance that an agreement will be reached, particularly given the commitment of some Conservative leadership candidates to leaving the European Union in October with or without a deal".

"Even if it means my resigning the whip and leaving the party, I will not allow this country to be taken out of the European Union on a no deal Brexit without the approval of this House and, in my view, going back to the country and asking that if that is what they want".

Mr. Starmer said defeated June 12 motion would have ensured that "If the next Prime Minister is foolish enough to try to pursue a no deal Brexit then Parliament would have the means to prevent that".

Several Tory leadership candidates have been flaunting their "hard-Brexit" credentials in pursuit of the position of prime minister. On this poll Boris Johnson is only one of the candidates that give the Tory's a majority (140 seats) at the next election alongside a substantial 14% lead. Hinting at a potential electoral wipeout and the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.

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