Pelosi says she's 'done' with Trump after latest insults

Patrick Semansky  AP
President Donald Trump speaks on the South Lawn at the White House

Patrick Semansky AP President Donald Trump speaks on the South Lawn at the White House

Trump attacked Pelosi in an interview with Fox News during his overseas trip in France last Thursday commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day calling her a "nasty, vindictive, terrible person".

Pelosi said on Tuesday she has decided not to fire back at the president and instead said she "doesn't even want to talk about him".

"I'm done with him", Pelosi said while being interviewed on stage at the 2019 Fiscal Policy event hosted by Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Pelosi, under pressure from more progressive members of her caucus to launch a formal impeachment inquiry, said Trump's statement was "appalling" and "totally unethical", but that House Democrats would methodically pursue their various investigations.

For part of Trump's presidency, he generally refrained from trash-talking Pelosi as he does many others, but that ended in recent weeks as Democrats intensified their investigations of the president and discussed possibly impeaching him.

"I think impeachment proceedings will help see that he is beaten but that's not the reason to do it - I think we have a moral imperative to bring those charges in the House and stand up and do its responsibility, even if the Senate won't".

"As we go down this path to seek the truth for the American people and to hold the president accountable, it has nothing to do with politics or any campaign", she said.

Pelosi has previously talked about Trump's comments and threats being a diversion from the issues.

"When we have conversations in our caucus they stay in our caucus".

Pelosi noted that she had declined to criticize Trump during a television interview in France because she does not criticize the president when overseas. She accused Trump again of engaging in a "criminal cover-up" and believes he is neglecting the oath he took when he stepped into office.

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