Huawei reportedly delays Mate X foldable phone launch

Huawei is reportedly testing a Russian operating system to replace Android

Huawei's New Operating System Is Insanely Fast Versus Android

If it is installed on Huawei devices, they will not be able to access many Android apps because Sailfish's compatibility layer is far from flawless, as the outlet reports.

After several years of steady, impressive growth in the global smartphone market, Huawei is seeing the very survival of its core businesses threatened by political tensions between the USA and China.

Huawei has not issued any official statement regarding the launch date or rollout of its upcoming operating system for smartphones and PCs.

Huawei, however, has its own plan B, in the form of their own operating system, but this would, however, make the device much less desirable to users. The software is said to be compatible with all Android apps.

According to United Nations data, Huawei Technologies is aiming to trademark its own OS in at least nine countries and Europe.

"Our preference will of course be Google and Android as we have been partners for many years", said Pang, also a senior vice president at Huawei. The Galaxy Fold has this kind of artifact too - we suspected it was just something we have to get used to with early folding display devices, but perhaps it's being improved.

The company has denied its products pose a security threat.

A few days ago, we told you that the Huawei Mate X is about to launch in China, with Huawei already posting 5G speed test results on social media. Which would, of course, present a whole new series of concerns.

Global Times reports that companies like Tencent, OPPO, and VIVO sent employees to Huawei to test the new internally-called HongMeng operating system.

Huawei is reported to be sending out invitation to some popular app developers to invite them to join the Huawei AppGallery platform. According to FunkyHuawei, the company is already intensely testing this system. Some industry observers have warned that the Huawei system could have many more bugs than the Google offering, putting the devices at greater risk of getting hacked.

The Finnish company in 2017 secured a new investment to launch the Sailfish China Consortium as part of an effort to build a Chinese version of Sailfish and an alternative to Android. If all the phones do get the update, Google risks losing significant Android market share. But the Chinese smartphone maker has postponed the launch to September, CNBC reports. Huawei accounted for about or 4% of the company's overall sales a year ago.

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