Google's Area 120 made a free, drag-and-drop 3D game builder

Google Area 120 creates a Game Builder that feels like a game itself

Google's Area 120 made a free, drag-and-drop 3D game builder

You know what's more fun? Even game engines like Unity have a steep learning curve, especially for those starting completely from scratch. If you're sorted with the latter, Google has taken care of the former with a suitable software for you, or rather a video game. The game is now unavailable on Steam for Linux but we hope to see it on the open source platform in the near future. Instead of coding with text, you can use a "card-based visual programming system" to bring your creations to life.

Players can further their creative options in the game by using 3D models from Google Poly, a website that allows creators to share and access each other's 3D creations.

Users won't have to worry about creating their own 3D models or objects to use for their game. With Google's prototype Game Builder, you can make 3D games by simply selecting a series of cards, the tech giant announced in a blog post Thursday. Given it's a prototype, there's no assurance Game Builder will be around long-term but, for now, you can grab it for free on Steam for PCs and Macs.

Interestingly, if you really want to emulate the experience of game development in a rudimentary way, you can even invite your friends on board to help you create games cooperatively in real-time. Whether it's an FPS game or a simple platformer, the game supports both the genres.

The game comes from Area 120, Google's special workshop with experimental projects. And the tool is meant to be collaborative - multiple users can build or play games simultaneously. Moreover, you can also let your friends play the game as you build it. Although the idea sounds quite promising, we'll get a better idea when we try it out ourselves.

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