Boris Johnson surges ahead in Conservative leadership election

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson possesses all of the prejudice and elitism of Britain's ruling class, but that certainly doesn't disqualify him from becoming the next prime minister, George Galloway told RT America. She stepped down as Conservative leader last week, setting the stage for a weeks-long process to select a new Tory leader and prime minister.

"I don't think anybody who proposes that, or even lets it flit through their mind for a second, has any understanding of what parliament is about, what sovereignty is about, what leadership is about or what the United Kingdom is about", he said.

He said he would be prepared to take a ministerial post if there was a No Deal Brexit "crisis" - having yesterday launched a blistering on suggestions Mr Johnson might shut down Parliament to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union by October.

Mr Stewart claimed that "every Conservative MP with a very few exceptions would agree with me that an attempt to prorogue parliament would be unconstitutional and undermine the entire nature of our representative democracy". Rory Stewart won 19 votes.

However he used figures showing the difference in votes between initial declarations and actual voting to propel him into second place.

'Answer us. I've been asking Boris for a week.

Just yesterday Mr Stewart said MPs would oppose Mr Johnson and "bring him down" if he attempted to side-step attempts to block leaving without a deal.

Mr Johnson has been dogged by accusations from fellow candidates that he has been "hiding in a bunker" during the Conservative leadership campaign.

Andrea Leadsom, Mark Harper and Esther McVey did not get enough support and are out of the race to be the next Prime Minister.

There are now seven leadership hopefuls left in the race.

Harper gained 10 votes while Leadsom and McVey achieved nine votes.

Michael Gove said he was feeling confident and voted for "the best candidate".

It puts Mr Johnson on course to be one of two candidates to go before Tory members in a vote in July, the Financial Times reports. Johnson has been one of the few Conservatives to insist that the United Kingdom leave the European Union, with or without a deal, by the current October 31 deadline.

The 10 leadership candidates will need to secure at least 17 votes from their colleagues today in order to stay in the leadership race.

The ballot will commence at 10am, with a result expected at around 1pm this afternoon.

His campaign team has insisted the former London mayor is still in discussions with the broadcasters about taking part, but the failure to confirm his participation has led to criticism from his fellow candidates.

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