Baby cut from murdered mother's womb dies weeks later

Marlen Ochoa             
    CBS Chicago

Marlen Ochoa CBS Chicago

Yovanny Jadiel Lopez died at Christ Medical Center in suburban Oak Lawn from a severe brain injury, according to a statement posted on Facebook by family spokeswoman Julie Contreras, who expressed "great sadness" in announcing the baby's death.

In the photo, taken by a student pastor, the baby is being held by Yovany Lopez, the boy's father and the teenager's husband.

Figueroa's boyfriend Piotr Bobak is charged with covering up the death.

Doctors wouldn't speculate on the baby's survival chances, but there was hope after he opened his eyes at the end of May.

A baby has died after he was cut out of the body of a Chicago teenager weeks earlier, WGN reports.

"We were just praying and praying and he opened his eyes, and his dad said, "Oh my God, he opened his eyes!'" Cecilia Garcia, a student pastor who is assisting the family, told CNN".

Police say Ochoa-Lopez was strangled before her unborn baby was "forcibly removed" from her womb. Prosecutors said that woman, 46-year-old Clarisa Figueroa, strangled the teen with the help of her daughter before cutting the baby out of the womb and claiming she'd given birth to him.

Once Ochoa stopped showing signs of life, Clarisa Figueroa cut the baby from her womb and she and her daughter wrapped the teen's body in a blanket, put it in a plastic bag and dragged it outside to a garbage can, according to prosecutors.

The baby had been on life support since being brought to the hospital on April 23. Two months later, she posted a picture of a crib and baby's room to a Facebook page that provides baby items for families in need, he said.

Authorities contend that not long after Clarisa Figueroa's adult son died of natural causes, she told her family she was pregnant.

Figueroa connected there with Ochoa-Lopez, who at that time was seven months pregnant, Murphy said. She denied the victim came to her house April 23 but admitted to meeting her in the past, police said.

The defendants are due back in court June 26.

Assistant State's Attorney James Murphy told Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz that Ochoa was being shown a photo album of the late son of the older woman when she was suddenly set upon by the elder Figueroa.

Subsequent DNA tests revealed that Ms Ochoa-Lopez was the baby's mother.

The motive for the killing is under investigation, but Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said he believes the elder Figueroa wanted to raise the child as her own.

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