The US Denies its Changing Policy on The West Bank

Kulanu-Likud merger not the end of the world

Buttigieg says he wouldn't allow U.S. taxpayer money to pay for West Bank annexation if elected

The Palestinian Red Crescent organization said in a statement he had been hit in the face by a rubber-coated bullet while performing his humanitarian duties in northern Gaza on May 3. "Our policy on the West Bank has not changed", she said. But part of that plan, which Arafat turned down, was that Israeli would retain some of the West Bank.

Palestinian officials did not attend a Middle East peace conference organized in Warsaw in February. PLO official Wasel Abu Yusef said that Palestinians will "voice their rejection of all American policies".

According to the Governor of Nablus Ibrahim Ramadan, a group of Israeli soldiers surrounded the building and blockaded it while opening fire from three sides before they withdrew from the area.

West Bank sovereignty, often called annexation, is the rallying cry of the Israeli settler right - which managed to persuade Benjamin Netanyahu to endorse the plan before the April election. "In recent years", Cassif claimed, "US intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has only led to a worsening of the situation and prevented a just solution".

"The administration's position on the settlements has not changed. The pressure of history and the mathematics of demography mean that well before 2054, Israelis and Palestinians will have come to see either peace or catastrophe", Buttigieg said, referring to a oft-repeated argument by those who want to see Israel abandon the territories that not doing so would open the Jewish state to a tidal wave of Arab population growth that would undermine its Jewish and democratic character.

Ofran said she is anxious for the prospect of peace as, with Friedman's comments, the USA is spurning the basic assumption of all peace discussions since 2000. And he's also right that the United States is not opposed to Israel's holding on to at least some of the West Bank in the event of a theoretical peace agreement that the Palestinians clearly have no interest in negotiating, let alone signing.

But they discovered that the vehicle was in fact carrying members of the Mistaravim - undercover Israeli forces disguised as Palestinians - the Palestinian news outlet added.

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