Pre-orders for Atari's retro VCS console start at $249


Atari The Atari VCS can be controlled with a classic styled joystick or a modern gamepad. Both are Bluetooth wireless and rechargeable

The retro console is available for general pre-order right now from both the company site and GameStop and Walmart.

The Atari VCS retro gaming console will feature more than 100 of all-time favorite arcade titles, such as Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, Gravitar, Missile Command, and Yars' Revenge, as well as a bunch of other new Atari games like Tempest 4000.

Several models are being offered, with slightly different specs, designs and accessories. You can pre-order the consoles via GameStop (for the Onyx version), Walmart (for the kevlar gold version), and directly from Atari (where the black walnut color console is exclusively available). Orders from the last two should ship in March 2020, while crowdfunding backers might get theirs in December of 2019.

"After so many months of working on defining and refining the products, and after the strong initial support of our thousands of original Indiegogo backers, we are excited to finally and officially announce our product launch configurations, first key retail partnerships and the launch of the online presale that will put the VCS into the hands of America's gamers", Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais said in a statement. The company has, however, showcased its software dashboard and what it describes as 'Atari Sandbox Mode, ' which allows third-party software to be installed on and run on the console's Linux-based operating system.

Granted, there's a "Sandbox Mode" which allows you to effectively turn the unit into a traditional PC by installing your own operating system from an external drive, but is that really the kind of thing console players are going to want to mess around with when they've spent nearly $400 on a new games console?

The classic joystick and a more modern gamepad controller.

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