Moscow police detain hundreds protesting in support of framed journalist Golunov

Navalny among hundreds arrested at protest over Golunov's 'framing'

Multiple arrests at Moscow protests over journalist's arrest

Despite the journalist's release, his supporters on Wednesday made a decision to go ahead with the unsanctioned demonstration in Russia's capital to demand punishment for those involved in his alleged framing.

However, a group monitoring arrests of opposition figures says the figure is at least 400.

Police in Russian Federation say they have arrested at least 200 protesters who were demanding punishment for police officers who arrested a journalist who has since been freed.

"Police ordered people to leave the unauthorised protest, but the protesters were defiant", Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen, reporting from Moscow, said.

On Monday, three leading Russian newspapers - Vedomosti, Kommersant and RBC - each published front-page headlines reading: "I am/We are Ivan Golunov", accompanied by editorials calling for inquiries into the case. Golunov was released yesterday after an unprecedented solidarity campaign to draw attention to false drug charges against him.

Russian police have arrested hundreds of people at a protest in Moscow sparked by the detention of a top investigative reporter last week. "There are a number of other people in his situation in this country", said Maxim Reznik, a member of the St. Petersburg City Council who attended a smaller demonstration in that city.

The authorities had warned protesters that their demonstration would be illegal and could threaten public safety.

Authorities had said the pro-Golunov demonstrators could hold a rally on Sunday, but protesters believed a delay could have sapped a sense of momentum.

Under Russian law, the time and place of protests involving more than one person need to be agreed with the authorities in advance. Organizers of Wednesday's event had demanded that Moscow city officials negotiate those terms with them live on air during a TV broadcast, a demand they said officials refused. The Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was bundled...

Navalny, who said police had accused him of organizing the march, said on Twitter later on Wednesday that he had been unexpectedly let go.

Protesters walked west from Chistye Prudy in the northeast part of the city's downtown to the city's police headquarters on Petrovka Street. "The freeing of Golunov was not a victory".

"It was a tactical move by the authorities to prevent disorder breaking out today".

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