Google Decouples Drive and Photos

Google Photos stops syncing with Google Drive in July

Google Decouples Drive and Photos

From July, the photos and videos that all users (including G Suite customers) upload to Drive will no longer be automatically added to your Photos app or desktop client, and similarly, media added to your Photos app won't appear in the "Photos" folder in Drive.

Your current files will remain intact, but new files will need to be manually synced.

It is worth noting that you'll still be able to sync photos to both Photos and Drive - but only with the Google Backup & Sync tool. So, get ready for a "simplified" experience going forward.

Users of Google's Photos and Drive cloud storage services have been able to seamlessly access their photos from either platform for some time now, with the services automatically syncing to each other and even sharing storage space, however the search giant has announced that, from July 10 this year, that will no longer be the case. Instead, the Google Photos folder will be its own thing. Google specifically calls out deletion of photos, saying that deleting from one service won't affect photos in another - this could be a hint of where some users found some confusion regarding the connection between the services. Items you delete in Photos will not be deleted in Drive and vice versa. You can store documents, images, videos, and even back up ...

If you upload a photo or video to Google Drive, and you'd like this media to also be in Google Photos, there's a feature now called "Upload from Drive". So when you delete one in Drive, the original in Photos will remain.

But in case you do, Google is bringing more granular control to Photos with a new tool called Upload from Drive. Those who want to auto sync items to both accounts can still do so on Windows or MacOS with Google's Backup and Sync app.

Confused? Like we said, Google is simplifying things a little bit, but it's still certainly not streamlined.

Any photos or videos that were uploaded prior to this change will remain in Photos. Is this better or worse than before? The update on July 10 will only apply to new media uploaded to the services. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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