FedEx ends U.S. air delivery service contract with Amazon

Today's Pick-Up Fed Ex And Amazon Much Ado About Not Much

FedEx ends US air delivery service contract with Amazon

FedEx Corp on Friday made a decision to not renew its contract with Inc for United States cargo delivery through FedEx Express, the unit that delivers packages on planes, a move that reflects the broader trend of the e-commerce company moving services in-house. Amazon has extra and extra residence its sights on the segment, which is severe for its core alternate, threatening the possibilities of contemporary incumbents UPS and FedEx.

"There is significant demand and opportunity for growth in e-commerce which is expected to grow from 50 million to 100 million packages a day in the 2026", it said.

The business relationship between Memphis-based transportation and logistics bellwether FedEx and global e-commerce titan Amazon has reached its expiration date. "FedEx, I'm sure did not want to (once again - as amazon did this to FedEx before when they pulled the Smart Post business) be left to explain the revenue loss to Wall Street".

"FedEx will achieve higher margins and better returns on its investments in its Express network by redeploying capacity to customers other than Amazon", Root wrote in a note to investors.

The company is investing US$1.5 billion to build an air cargo hub in northern Kentucky, setting it up to rely less on others for air shipping. As properly as, Amazon is pushing the frontier of supply companies and products by its extremely anticipated rollout of drone-delivered packages. Amazon's other contracts with FedEx were not affected by the new development.

FedEx described the decision as a strategic move that would allow it to focus on the broader e-commerce market, a group that would include rivals of Amazon scaling up one- and two-day delivery.

The contract with Amazon, which expires at the end of June, only encompasses domestic air services.

And whereas the ramifications are huge, FedEx might maybe maybe now not be beaten by its contract with Amazon ending.

And the company added that Amazon is not FedEx's largest customer, with the total FedEx revenue attributable to Amazon accounting for less than 1.3% of total FedEx revenue for the 12-month period ended December 31, 2018. "This suggests that the impetus for adding year-round Sunday delivery in the FedEx Ground business is driven by a desire to maintain a competitive offering and smooth daily flow through its sorting facilities to improve operating efficiency rather than to serve volume growth from Amazon".

"We respect FedEx's decision and thank them for their role serving Amazon customers over the years", Amazon said in a statement after FedEx announced its decision on Friday.

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