Doctor finds over 100 bubble tea pearls stuck in girl's abdomen

More than 100 undigested bubble tea balls found in girl's stomach

The girl's hospital scan which shows the round balls clogging up her digestive system

The bubble tea phenomenon has swept the world by storm, but one young girl in China has run into serious trouble after drinking too much.

A girl in China was rushed to the emergency room because she was constipated.

Bubble tea is a popular Taiwanese tea-based drink, often topped with chewy tapioca balls.

The teen reportedly told doctors that she drank only one cup of bubble tea five days before the hospital visit, Newsweek reported.

Most things are better in moderation - and that apparently includes bubble tea.

Puzzled, doctors conducted a CT scan which showed up more than 100 spherical shadows dotted throughout her digestive tract.

In addition to suffering from constipation, the girl, who was not identified, also reportedly complained that she lacked an appetite and had stomach aches, according to the publication, which cited local Chinese media. Tapioca's starchy nature is what likely led to the build-up in the girl's stomach, says Niket Sonpal, internist and gastroenterologist in New York City.

She was prescribed a laxative to help her pass the balls.

Another doctor observed that the tapioca balls in the tea were made out of starch and hard to digest.

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