Pakistan to get first female Marvel superhero movie soon, hints Mindy Kaling

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After Mindy's interview, there were speculations suggesting she might be roped in for the enthralling character.

Hollywood star Mindy Kaling has indicated that Marvel is in the process of bringing a Pakistani-American character to the big screen. A character whose 2014 reintroduction as a shapeshifting Pakistani-American spiked her popularity, Ms. Marvel's position as a possible MCU hero already attracted plenty of interest past year - and according to one of the creatives pushing for the character, internal discussions are still happening. They really seemed interested, and I think they will probably do something.

She said: "I think the people I've spoken to at Marvel about it are so excited about the character and I think that they're trying to figure out what to do with it".

In an interview with MTV News promoting her new film Late Night, Kaling revealed that she had spoken with Marvel Studios about bringing Kamala Khan to life. Kaling said she doesn't have anyone in mind to play Kamala Khan, stating, "You know, I feel like it might need to be an unknown". Kaling is a talented comedic writer, having written and starred in The Office and her own TV series The Mindy Project. "Wish I did though, when that hits the screen it's gonna be huge", Kaling tweeted, adding a heart-eyes emoji to the end of the post. "Riz! I am obsessed with this comic book".

When Kaling was asked who she thinks should play the hero, she made a very interesting suggestion.

If Marvel is still hotly debating what to do with Ms. Marvel, that means that anything live-action will still be a way off - but certainly not out of the running yet.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has talked before about wanting to introduce Kamala Khan into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but hasn't elaborated beyond that. "Ms. Marvel, which is another character in the comic books, the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel, is definitely sort of in the works", Feige said past year. Captain Marvel was Marvel's first solo female superhero - a pilot named Carol Danvers is transformed after an encounter with aliens. In a BBC interview, he confirmed that after 2019's Captain Marvel, the studio is planning the film.

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