Man claims cocaine on his nose is not his

Man with cocaine in his nostrils tells police the coke isn’t his

Fabricio Jimenez

A guy in Florida was pulled over on Sunday and had cocaine on his nostrils.

Jimenez's nose was swabbed, and the substance tested positive for cocaine, deputies said.

He was arrested for felony narcotics possession.

- A Florida man was arrested after cocaine was spotted on his nose during a traffic stop.

Deputies said they found a backpack containing 250 grams of marijuana and 13 Xanax pills.

The sheriff's office posted the arrest on its Facebook page early Monday morning and the jokes came quickly.

According to a police report, Florida police found a backpack in Jimenez's vehicle that contained 11 individual clear plastic bags of green substance, consistent with the appearance of marijuana, which were packaged for individual sale.

One of the deputies noticed the white powdery substance as cocaine. A search of Jimenez yielded a small bag of powder cocaine.

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