Dropbox unveils a brand-new design and user experience for its desktop app

Dropbox gets a makeover with updated desktop app, new Slack and Zoom integration

Dropbox unveils a brand-new design and user experience for its desktop app

Cloud storage provider Dropbox Inc on Tuesday announced a major update of its core software that will pull together a variety of work-related tools into one spot, part of the company's continued push to offer higher-profit services beyond raw storage space.

Dropbox unveiled a major overhaul Tuesday created to transform its file-sync service into a central collaboration hub connecting other tools like G Suite, Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Office.

Searching for documents will be easier in the new application, which will show local files, cloud documents, and other corporate data in a single view.

Assuming you're using a suite of apps that integrate with Dropbox already, you can centralise your workflows and not need to jump between apps when you want kick off a quick video conference or work collaboratively on a document. With the launch of a new desktop app, Dropbox wants to reposition itself as the centre of your workplace.

So, you can be working on a document or slide deck and share it over Slack or hit someone up over Zoom to collaborate.

In a statement, Dropbox Chief Executive Drew Houston said the new software was meant to let users work together on files without having to bounce between multiple windows.

"If you went back to literally the original Finder, it's the same experience", said Houston in an interview with Fast Company, which was allowed to take the new application for a spin.

The "new Dropbox", is a platform, the company says, you don't need to leave.

Dropbox has offered a useful file-sync service for years, but it's got competition - Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud, all from tech giants that can build their services into the platforms they control. For example, if you send a Slack message or designate a file to be shared with a Slack channel, the recipients will hear about it on Slack. Other features will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks, the company said.

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