Build-A-Bear to return a limited ticket Pay-Your-Age event

Stores were forced to close after they were overwhelmed by queues. Credit PA

Stores were forced to close after they were overwhelmed by queues. Credit PA

Build-A-Bear Workshop CEO Sharon Price John discusses the state of business.

Those wanting a ticket to the Pay-Your-Age Event have to enter by June 16.

First, make sure you're a member of the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club.

Build-A-Bear adds that if you happen to miss the Pay-Your-Age event that any child can accompany a member of its Bonus Club to the store during their birthday month and get the same deal. They will be able to redeem it during two periods in the week of June 24-28.

According to the toy company, more than 200,000 customers will be awarded the one-time ticket - and 10 extra-lucky entrants will win a birthday-party experience valued at $250, which kids can use anytime over the next year. Those who entered will receive an email by June 21 on whether they were given a ticket or not.

This year, it's all going to change.

The company's 2018 attempt at the promotion was cut short due to overwhelming customer response.

Build-A-Bear ended up issuing an apology and giving out vouchers to those who were unable to get into the insanely crowded stores.

Now, rather than simply showing up on a given day and waiting in a massive line, Build-A-Bear has a three-step process for a chance to pay your age for one of the stuffed bears. "We have closed lines in our USA stores. We understand some of our guests are disappointed and we will reach out directly as soon as possible".

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