Michiana to be treated to great view of Jupiter

This month you can see Jupiter and its largest moons with just your binoculars

This month you can see Jupiter and its largest moons with just your binoculars

Opposition occurs every year when Jupiter, the Earth and the sun are aligned in a straight line.

What is happening on Monday, June 10 is that Jupiter will reach opposition.

NASA has announced for all space fans to be on watch because Jupiter, the gas giant, will be seen with binoculars when the planet is near opposition. This is also around the time when the two planets are closest to each other.

When the sun does go down though, you may want to dabble in a bit of sky-gazing.

Jupiter will rise in the east around sunset Monday evening, and remain big and bright in the night sky into Tuesday morning before setting in the western sky. The next time the Earth and Jupiter will be this close to each other will be during July of 2020.

"On the night of the opposition, the moon will be visible in the sky", he added.

Besides this, Jupiter is the giant planet from our Solar System and can be spotted with the naked eye, but it's better if you look for the marvelous planet with binoculars or a small telescope. One can see Jupiter and three of its largest moons over the Wasatch Mountains. Monday night in particular, about midnight local time, should provide the clearest view, reports USA Today.

While Jupiter is in a dominant position right now, stargazers are often able to see its greatest moons with binoculars at different occasions of the year, too.

If seeing Jupiter gets one excited about sky watching, there are also other events that people can get excited for this month.

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