Intel Working on Dual Screen Honeycomb Glacier Gaming Laptop

Intel's dual-screen gaming laptop concept stands out from the pack

Intel Working on Dual Screen Honeycomb Glacier Gaming Laptop

If Intel's Honeycomb Glacier prototype wasn't freaky enough, the company has also showcased a dual-screen laptop made out of fabric.

The primary display on the laptop is a 15.6-inch 1080p panel and the secondary screen is 12.3 inches. This is achieved using a one-way roller clutch that can be disengaged by pressing a button on the side, allowing the screens to be folded back down.

The idea of Honeycomb Glacier is that the bottom display will act as a companion screen, showing things like gaming stats and Discord chats, or give Twitch streamers info on their stream. This makes it possible for both displays to face you directly, rather than have you look down when you need to look at the secondary display. At least that's the takeaway from Computex, where another one of the machines, this time from Intel, was on show: the Honeycomb Glacier. The laptop is cooled with just one large fan under the hood.

Given we haven't seen Honeycomb Glacier in the metal, we can't say much about how it performs or feels. But according to Intel, we'll only be able to see brands implement their own design and put them on shelves around the end of next year, in 2020.

But a variety of reports suggest it's a pretty decent prototype given its early days for such a machine. It involves adding a second hinge to the laptop and along with with it another display as well.

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