PUBG Mobile Season 7: Here’s everything we know about it

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Management System Rolling Out Worldwide to Promote Healthy Gaming Behaviour

Gameplay Management will help in having a balanced gaming session

The new season also brings in a number of new character gear, outfits, parachutes, aeroplane skins, emotes, rewards and a new EZ Mission License.

This new feature comes after months of scrutiny in which parents said their children played PUBG Mobile too much. The Skorpion gun can be found in all the four maps in PUBG Mobile. The update now also allows the users to purchase in-game items using their BP's (Battle Points).

To reduce lags and the language barrier for players in the Middle East, Tencent Games has also added a number of new servers dedicated to handling Middle Eastern players. "As PUBG mobile grows into one of the world's most trending mobile games, it is devoted to providing a better gaming environment and being proactive in building a balanced and sustainable online gaming ecosystem", publisher Tencent said. Lastly, there are some improvements to the subscription feature and the company has added category tabs to the Shop section.

Tencent had already withdrawn PUBG Mobile from China, after failing to convince authorities it was deserving of an official licence, instead directing users to its alternative Game for Peace. It will allow players to unlock and play Royale Pass challenges a week before all the other players. As you know, six Season has ended, and fans are curious to know about the next season. This game makes it more appealing with new seasons. According to a recent post by the company, the game will be updated at 9:30 PM IST today. With the new system in place, a pop-up notification will alert players of just how long they've been playing PUBG Mobile.

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