More than 300,000 people want ‘Game of Thrones’ final season remade

‘Game of Thrones fans sign petition for sensible remake of the series finale

Game of Thrones fans launched petition calling on HBO to remake season eight

Talking to Rolling Stone, when Martin was asked about storylines and character arcs being changed from the books, the writer stated, "Of course you have an emotional reaction".

I mean, let's be honest. "I really hope that you're satisfied by the ending", he said.

"The Bells", the show's penultimate episode and the finale - to air on May 19 - both clock in at about one hour and twenty minutes.

Dewey's path is that of channelling his dissatisfaction with the show into a creative outlet, a rather healthy choice compared to what other fans are doing.

Complaints from users include rushing to fit so many plot points into a six episodes season, "character assassination", and the lacking logic between plot points. Considering about 18 million people watched the most recent episode, a few hundred thousand angry fans are a mere drop in the bucket.

There's not much explanation for the petition beyond that intro, with the goal being right there in its title: "Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers".

My own two cents: I felt last season was pretty rushed, so I'm not too surprised by what is going on with the final season. "To trivialize their work in that way, it's kind of sad". Most recently, it was Daenerys making some controversial decisions. There is no way to verify any GOT episode 6 leaks, but they have been true in the past.

If Grey Worm is allying himself with the Mad Queen (Emilia Clarke), then his prospects aren't looking good, unless the tables are turned and Dany kills everyone else and ends out on top. Read below to know more about what George had to say. Not to mention Bran had a vision of a dragon flying upon King's Landing in the earlier episodes.

So far, the petition has generated 828,217 signatures, and HBO, nor the Game of Thrones showrunners have provided comment on it. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are getting so much flak that people are trolling them helming the new Star Wars movie as well! So, who will end up meeting their maker by the end?

"You want to have the ones that go, 'This is the greatest show ever made, ' and you want to have the people that go, 'I hate this show".

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