Missouri Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions at 8 Weeks

Noah Feldman ‘Heartbeat’ abortion bans are going nowhere before 2020

Alabama governor signs bill, banning virtually all abortions, into law

In the wake of the bill being passed, Amanda Reyes, president of the group had received many donations - some as big as $15,000.

The state Senate vote came hours after Alabama's Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill banning abortion at any stage during a pregnancy.

The wide-ranging bill also bans abortions based exclusively on race, sex or a diagnosis indicating the potential for Down Syndrome.

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano boosted the signal of a Twitter thread that called out 13 Alabama lawmakers that helped pass the recent controversial bill that bans most abortions in the state. Governors in four of those states have signed bills into law banning the procedure if an embryonic heartbeat can be detected, generally considered to be as early as six weeks.

The senator from MA also urged passage of legislation that would stop states from passing constraints on abortion providers that are built to avoid violating the 1973 Roe decision, in which the Supreme Court recognised the constitutional right to an abortion.

Legislators who believe in overturning Roe - and limiting access to safe abortions - are a legitimate threat to nationwide abortion access.

None of the bills passed this year would punish the mother. Only abortionists would face criminal charges. The legislation also punishes doctors with 99 years in prison for performing abortion services.

The law, which is meant to force a Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade, makes no exceptions for victims of rape or incest.

Like other states passing anti-abortion bills, Missouri's Republican government is banking on Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalized abortion in the United States, being overturned by the Supreme Court.

The momentum has picked up since Republican President Donald Trump appointed two justices to the nine-member Supreme Court in the past two years.

Other laws headed to the court ban dilation and evacuation abortions and ban abortions after a certain number of weeks, according to USA Today.

"This bill is about challenging Roe v. Wade and protecting the lives of the unborn", said State Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur), who sponsored the bill. It also requires that both parents be notified for a minor to get an abortion, but a change was made after hours of late-night negotiations to remove the requirement when a parent lacks legal or physical custody.

Many people have noted that while sharing abortion stories is important, it should not be a requirement to be given access to agency over one's body. When Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from SCOTUS, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, for one, predicted that abortion would be illegal in 20 states, and soon. The bill also contains anti-discrimination measures that would prohibit abortions performed just because of the baby's sex and mental state.

Abortion opponents in Missouri have cleared the biggest hurdle to restrict access to most abortions - Senate approval.

"We believe children are a gift from God", said Milkovich, a Democrat from Keithville.

"The overwhelming majority of Americans have no desire to return to the world before Roe v. Wade", Warren wrote. He cited "decades of conservative pro-life leadership" for the decline. Dave Schatz and Caleb Rosden said the state "passed one of the most pro life bills" in the country.

At the federal level, lawmakers are split on abortion along party lines, with few exceptions.

Alabama's governor on Wednesday signed the most stringent abortion ban in the nation, making performing an abortion a felony in almost all cases.

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