James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook

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Makeup artist and YouTuber Tati Westbrook is explaining why she posted the 43-minute tear-down of her former mentee, fellow beauty YouTuber and CoverGirl Ambassador James Charles, that has torn the beauty community apart. According to Social Blade, the embattled ex-Cover Boy has gained 26,000 subscribers since Thursday night, when Westbrook's video went up.

Westbrook says that both her and her family have been approached for interviews.

She also accuses Charles of using his fame to "manipulate someone's sexuality" - apparently a reference to an incident in which Charles, who identifies as gay, pursued a straight man.

The famous beauty vlogger ended up losing over three million subscribers and business deals.

For more on the fallout between Westbrook and Charles, watch below. "I want to share with you guys that I do really want the hate to stop".

"This was really a wakeup call, and it was me trying to reach someone who I found completely unreachable", she said.

Kjellberg called Charles' video a "trainwreck", noting that the beauty guru didn't explain much of the controversy now surrounding him and spoke incredibly slowly throughout the duration of his message, also taking issue with Charles claiming that he would "make more mistakes" in the future before making visible efforts to improve.

"I can't imagine making a video just publicly dragging someone instead of talking to them", PewDiePie said of Tati's video. "I had been trying to deliver the same message so many times because this wasn't just about one thing".

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The 37-year-old went on to address the issues that were "zeroed-in on" since her initial video. I wanna have a child with James.

Westbrook continued to explain that she wishes no ill-will on Charles: "I do really want the hate to stop". And I feel like I wanted to share with you guys why I did. "I don't think anyone deserves that", she said.

"This has all gotten really, really insane", Westbrook said after detailing how if she had wanted to take Charles down she would have gone to studios and talked more.

"I think that we owe it to James to let him figure it out and heal and I hope that he does that", she continues.

James, who lost over 2M subscribers following the feud, has since posted a tearful apology video for Tati, but many of her fans didn't buy it.

"Really think about what you're saying, and really think about what a true "sexual predator" is.the kid is 19".

"I knew this would this would cause controversy, but not to this magnitude", she added.

Others described her as "genuine", adding: "Tati is so mature it's insane".

The parts of YouTube fandom that live for drama will spend the next days combing though Charles's old videos and tweets for proof of Westbrook's accusations, but the most dramatic damage has been done.

Simply titled "tati." James appeared upset in the eight-minute clip which was filmed on Friday, May 10 - the day the drama broke - while he was in Australia to promote his new pop-up stores. It has since been viewed 48.5 million times and led to a number of unflattering parody videos.

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