Google settles Pixel class-action lawsuit, owners will receive up to $500

The original Google Pixel

The original Google Pixel

The court's approval is awaited which if ruled in favour of the complainants, Google could pay up to $500 to certain Pixel owners for a total settlement of $7.25 million.

"Instead of fixing the defective Pixel phones, providing refunds, or replacing the devices with non-defective phones, Google has replaced defective phones with other defective phones, resulting in many consumers repeatedly experiencing the microphone defect", the complaint said.

"The highest payout is due to be owed to anyone who returned a Pixel with a defective microphone, only to receive another defective device from the manufacturer".

The search giant unveiled the original Pixel in October 2016, its first branded flagship phone. These claimants could be paid up to $500 in the settlement. Those who only had to grapple with the issue once can get $350, while those who still want to be part of the lawsuit even though they haven't experienced the problem themselves can get $20. Google had acknowledged the issue in March 2017, and soon, the lawsuit was filed against it.

Less than a year later, the company was slammed with a lawsuit by angry owners against Google's decision of continuously selling the phones despite knowing about the issues, the report added. The Nexus 6P - the Huawei-made final entry to the old canon - was also the subject of a class-action suit after a bug caused them to start endlessly boot-looping (that is to say trying over and over again to start before crashing on the splash screen). A hearing to decide to accept this settlement is due to take place on June 5.

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