Google launches its Google Trips platform for travel-related searches

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The new GSEC will make Munich a global hub for Google's efforts towards cross-product privacy engineering, Mr. Pichai wrote in a blog post. Google says this launch is the beginning of an evolution for its travel services, and that it plans tighter integration between Google Search, Google Maps, and additional services for the future. Experts believe that Google Trips could be a revolutionary feature.

It was reported that the Google Play Store latest updater is out and it sports the number 14.9.52.

Instant Experiences - This is completely supported, ensuring you need to upload a single artifact for the installed app and Google Play Instant experiences. Google Hotels does something similar for places to stay.

Moreover, on the off chance that you track flight prices on a Google search, the landing page will likewise display updates for any progressions that happen. Now, it's rolling out on the desktop, and there's even more functionality in the pipeline. Few sites (if any) offer a cleaner and easier approach to booking travel arrangements than Google, and now, a new travel portal for the web has made the process even easier. However, there are some search topics where you get every information from Google. Weather forecasts will also automatically be appended. For instance, when you have a booking for an inn or a café, looking that business up on Google Maps will show your reservation time and date, and clicking it shows your affirmation receipt. Popular neighborhoods, for example, will be flagged in Google Maps, along with the reasons you might want to visit them. Google is also going to add viewed things-to-do and saved/viewed hotels, much in the same way that it automatically gathers up recent searches, saved places, and flights.

Google may be commonly used as a verb for looking for information, but in the online travel world the technology giant isn't a go-to destination like Expedia, Priceline and TripAdvisor.

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