Galaxy S10 5G now available at Verizon, starting at $1,299

Samsung included this warning on the Galaxy Fold units sent to influencers

Samsung included this warning on the Galaxy Fold units sent to influencers

This brings the Note device range into line with other range changes including the addition of the Galaxy S10e in Samsung's flagship device range.

The phone, which made waves when it was unveiled in February, features a tablet-size, 7.3-inch display that bends, allowing it to fold to the size of a regular smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen.

A new report from Yonhap News claims that the company is planning to tuck the protective display layer into the body. As we reported yesterday, it seems Samsung has since chose to eliminate all confusion and extend that protective film layer underneath the bezel so you're not tempted to pick at it.

As widely reported during the Fold's preliminary release, the layer, which wasn't fixed to the bezel of the phone, appeared similar to a screen protector - causing some reviewers to peel it back. Plus, it has filled that gap near the hinge to avoid debris getting inside the device and damaging components.

The report also says the company is now testing the "fixed" Galaxy Fold prototypes on South Korea's three domestic carriers. At that point, Samsung did mention what the issue was but didn't say anything about how it would be addressing them.

That's. a really aggressive timeline for some serious problems. Probably because, as my colleague Alex Cranz noted, it was more concerned with being first out the gate with a foldable phone. It was expected to cancel the preorders and return money to customers if it couldn't come up with a fix by the end of May.

Jessica Dolcourt, a CNET reporter, also posted an image with Samsung Galaxy S10 which hit 1,341.15 Mbps download speed.

Fans were hoping to get a new release date last week - at least for customers in the USA - but it never came.

This isn't the first time Samsung has released an Olympic Game Edition of a smartphone.

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