Ex-Oregon football player stops gunman at school

Keanon Lowe

Keanon Lowe

"Staff members confronted the person with the gun and staff members wrestled him to the ground", Yakots said.

Portland Police Sgt. Brad Yakots briefs reporters about a person with a gun near Parkrose High School, in Portland, Ore., on Friday, May 16, 2019. By the time officers arrived at the Northeast Portland school, this unnamed school staff member had allegedly taken the man down.

Students at the reunification area told KGW's Morgan Romero that the armed person was a student.

A former college football standout at the University of OR was credited Friday with tackling an armed student at a Portland high school before anyone was injured.

Lowe could not immediately be reached for comment Friday. It is not known whether any shots were actually fired during the incident.

The high school was placed on lockdown while police searched the area, leaving anxious parents, many of whom said they spoke to their kids during the lockdown to confirm their safety.

"It may take up to an hour or more to safely release all students". According to a Parkrose High School Facebook post, the school is now in lockdown and all students are safe. We will provide updates as they are available'.

School buses are taking students off the campus to be reunited with their parents at a nearby parking lot. A parent said students reported that the suspect, a fellow student, had brought a gun to the school with the intention of committing suicide. A source said the weapon that the suspect had was a shotgun. PPB says "there is no indication there is any other shooter or any injuries" and doesn't know if the man fired the gun this morning. A police spokesman said the suspect was being interviewed on Friday afternoon.

A parent told The Oregonian students said the suspect meant to use the gun to harm himself.

Multiple Parkrose students told The Oregonian that they were initially locked in their classrooms shortly after police responded.

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