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Who Won 'Survivor' 2019? Edge of Extinction Winner Revealed!

"I am not an aggressive player I am not someone who likes confrontation", she said. In a "normal" season of Survivor, I would interview each and every contestant, week-by-week, as they were voted out of the game.

The South Carolina native won Survivor: Edge of Extinction in a shocking twist, after he won his way back into the competition following weeks on Exile Island. So needless to say, there is a lot to discuss now that we've reached the end. "So whether it's the first vote out or the sole survivor, you're just on a major lockdown the whole time", he said. However, he kept the faith until the end, fought his way back in at Day 35 and took the ultimate gamble, securing his win as the Sole Survivor of a insane season. At this point, I'm just erasing Julie from the equation. My own fault, surely. But after biding his time on Extinction Island (and befriending his future jury members), Chris won a challenge to get back in the game on day 35.

During the finale, he won an immunity challenge and found another immunity idol to make it into the top 4. I had to take really, really big swings, and the swings that I was taking, I knew I had to either hit a home run, or I was going to strike out. "And then I was notified last spring that I made it".

The finale was televised live from Los Angeles Wednesday night, with host Jeff Probst announcing the votes from the final tribal council. But from a game play perspective, the quality of my moves was greater than the quantity of the moves. That's what pulled me in. "It was playing this game that made me see I am already who I am came to prove to be". "That was the hardest thing, knowing that going into it". "It was the only that could happen to merit any respect from the jury, and I knew that going into it". "I think I have all the skills needed to do that.' I got close, but I didn't get the call out to L.A", he said in February. They only time they got to find anything was for someone still in the game. Do I agree? Well, I'm torn. I do think that being a mom does put it on another level when you're out there...so I was very emotional, but at the same time, I think I saw nearly every other person out there cry. It looks like, of the three finalists, fans would have chosen Gavin Whitson, who is the official runner up, as the victor. I'm the 46 year old woman out there.

In a Survivor first, a victor was crowned after playing only 13 days of the game. "But why does that mean that person is less worthy of winning this game?"

I thought I would actually gain some clarity as I wrote this, but I'm even more confused now. She's the crier! She's the mom! For my family and my fiance, I was like 'Hey, whether I'm out first or out last, I'm gone. It's just a complete black hole until you get back. I am also a movie critic/TV personality in the Detroit area.

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