Apple 5G Chip Not Coming Before 2025

Apple-designed iPhone 5G modems may not arrive until 2025

Report: Apple’s in-house 5G modem over 5 years away, Qualcomm truce only way out

With this in mind, it may still be quite a few years before we see Apple's own homegrown chips ship in production iPhones; that's according to a new report from The Information.

Thus Apple had no choice but to settle with Qualcomm, or else it would find itself years behind rival smartphone makers such as Samsung Electronics Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co.

Apple's lack of faith in Intel combined with the uncertainty surrounding its supply of 5G modems due to Intel's inability to deliver 4G chips and the ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm ultimately pushed the Silicon Valley-based giant towards more aggressive internal targets.

Meanwhile, there have been credible reports regarding Apple's efforts to design its own 5G modems in-house.

Apple's previous exclusive modem partner, Intel, announced that it was abandoning its modem development just hours after Apple and Qualcomm announced their truce. To this end, you may recall that Apple last month poached Umashankar Thyagarajan away from Intel, the chipmaker's chief 5G modem engineer. If Apple went with Intel modems for the future iPhone 5G models, the modems would likely not meet the high standards Apple holds for its star product. Obviously, there's no point continuing to rush out a new product if Qualcomm's modems will fill the gap for the time being. The company is now hiring engineers to work on creating an Apple 5G modem for iPhones, telling interviewees they "expect to have their own modem ready by 2025".

Apple has been hiring engineers for the project to build its own 5G chips that would work as key modems to connect iPhones to mobile networks.

Eventually, it seems, Apple's goal is to ditch Intel entirely as a chip supplier.

That's despite the fact that Intel has overhauled the XMM 7560 four times to try and compete with Qualcomm's latest modems.

Some publications have also pointed to rumors that Apple is looking to buy Intel's 5G phone modem business, but other reports have said the two companies couldn't reach a deal.

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