Watch Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct (May 2019) Live Today

Next Nintendo Direct is about Super Mario Maker 2

Next Nintendo Direct will focus on Super Mario Maker 2

However, rather than covering a variety of games-presumably others will have to wait for E3 next month-this presentation will focus exclusively on one of this summer's biggest Nintendo Switch releases, Super Mario Maker 2.

Nintendo revealed a surprise new Direct for Super Mario Maker 2 yesterday. Consoles like PS4, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch carry the YouTube app so you can watch the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct there.

Hopefully, most of the questions we have about Super Mario Maker 2 will be answered in just a few short hours. Fans seems especially excited for assets from the SNES classic Super Mario World. Today, then, we can expect Nintendo to cover some of the new stage creation tools we'll have at our disposal, along with how the game's online component will work.

The Direct will give us 15 minutes of information about Super Mario Maker which launches at the end of June. Let us know what you hope to see in the video with a comment below.

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