Uber helps passengers politely request a silent ride

Uber Adds a'Quiet Mode to Its Black Luxury Service

Uber offers ‘Quiet Mode’ for riders who don't want to talk to their drivers

This week, Uber is enhancing its premium Uber Black experience with a number of new options, the most interesting of which is the ability to request a quiet ride. "If you're in the mood to chat, that's an option too", Uber revealed on its website, detailing the new option. Those rides where you just want peace and quiet to reflect and your driver bombards you with endless questions or even worse, they unload on you about something leaving you unsure how to respond. Available only for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV and only in the USA, the feature will allow riders select an option where the driver does not talk to them or initiate any kind of conversation beyond what is necessary.

Uber customers residing in the USA will now be able to set rider preferences like "conversation", "temperature" settings and "baggage".

The driver will have to wait up to 15 minutes for the rider, instead of the usual 1-5 minutes. When booking an Uber Black, the app now will give the option to have a conversation-free trip.

"But really, why do we not have Lyft/Uber quiet mode yet".

'With these new features and more to come, we're excited to ensure that our riders can arrive relaxed and refreshed, wherever they're headed'.

Uber product manager Aydin Ghajar told TechCrunch that Uber can't force its drivers not to talk, although if a driver doesn't behave in accordance with a customer's wishes it might have a negative effect on their rating. Of course, the development will be accompanied by a price premium, which should not be an issue for riders who need more, and are choosy about what they really want. They are part of Uber's effort to draw users back to its pricier Uber Black service.

The giant ride-hailing company has not yet made a profit, despite its multibillion-dollar valuation.

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