Trump to propose plan to make U.S. immigration more merit-based

President Trump visits the US-Mexico border in Calexico Calif

President Trump visits the US-Mexico border in Calexico Calif

Amanda Carpenter is not even a little impressed with Jared Kushner's immigration plan.

Trump will present an overview of the plan, with details of the "very large document" to be released in coming weeks, the official said.

In past immigration debates, including the Senate's deliberation over four immigration bills in early 2018, Trump floated support for more liberal immigration positions only to quickly revert to his hard line stance in the wake of criticism from conservatives. The number of migrants entering the country would be left roughly unchanged.

Scarborough, a staunch critic of the president, said Trump looks "20 years younger" than a lot of the Democratic candidates, adding he also believes the president is "going to be hard to beat".

In a memorial service for slain law enforcement officers Wednesday, Trump showed no signs that he would shift his tone about immigrants to build more moderate support.

"People are trying to come into our country because our country's doing well", Trump said. This was the law under former President Barack Obama but was changed under the Trump administration.

The plan includes ideas to address the recent surge of Central American migrants at the southern border, Cramer said, including "changing some of the policies relating to sending people back, processing them quicker, having resources at the border to process, and changing some of the policies as it relates to asylum, some asylum reforms".

President Donald Trump is expected to give a speech on USA immigration policy Thursday at 2:30 p.m. ET.

The first part of the proposal addresses legal immigration by limiting the number low-skilled migrants who enter the US based on family ties and replacing them with high-skilled workers.

Graham's bill is designed specifically to deal with loopholes he says are encouraging migrants from Central America to make the treacherous journey north and bring children with them. The White House is selling the plan as addressing border security and moving toward a merit-based immigration system, which gives preference to highly-skilled and educated individuals.

Carpenter had much kinder words for a proposal from Sen.

US President Donald Trump plans a speech in coming days to lay out his views on how immigration laws should be overhauled, Republican senators said on Tuesday after top White House advisers briefed them on the plan.

In briefings with reporters Wednesday that attracted dozens of journalists, administration officials said the plan would create a points-based visa system, similar to those used by Canada and other countries.

Immigration hawks are likely to be wary of a plan that does not cut immigration numbers, particularly heading into elections, said Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for immigration restrictions. "Obviously, it isn't going anywhere".

Trump plans to travel to NY on Thursday afternoon for a campaign fundraising event. But White House officials declined an invitation for the president to take part in the grand opening on the same day of a museum at the Statue of Liberty - an event expected to attract many dignitaries to commemorate the almost 133-year-old landmark that has always been an icon of inclusion for immigrants.

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