Another Pokemon Mobile Game Announced, Out Now In Some Regions

Pokemon Rumble SP

Another Pokemon Mobile Game Announced, Out Now In Some Regions

The twist with this entry is that players will be sending their monsters to uncharted islands to collect or defeat different foes. The game's official Japanese site lists it as coming soon to iOS and Android, but it's already launched on Google Play in Australia.

Pokemon Rumble Rush, a game for mobile, launched in Australia and will soon be available in more regions.

The game is free to start, but players will have the option to purchase in-game items. You'll also be able to call in summons to help you during tough fights.

The game is an evolution of the previously revealed Pokeland that was in development back in 2017. There's not been much press about it since then - I completely forgot it existed.

The game can be played with one hand, and offers a constantly evolving set of islands that change every two weeks, getting repopulated with new Pokemon. So apparently there are even more Pokemon mobile games coming.

Given the popularity - if that word is even sufficient - of Pokemon GO, and the current hotness of Pokemon in the wake of the release of Detective Pikachu, it's a little odd that this release wasn't given more sturm und drang. The Pokemon Company didn't give any specific time frame, but clearly, the game is ready for release.

Why are they toys instead of actual Pokemon?

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