Analyst Predicts PS5 Price Point and Release Date


Industry insider hints at PS5 price and release date

In this video, we are going to discuss and predict the possible prices of PlayStation 5 considering the hardware it will be packing for 4K and 60 FPS. It was at a stand still, until now.

Japanese research analyst Hideki Yasuda has put together a report outlining Sony's financial health, especially in regard to PlayStation.

Sony has previously said that the PS5 will not launch this year, and won't arrive on shelves until after April 2020. Yasuda doesn't believe that cloud streaming services like Google Stadia will be a threat to the PS5, and so he thinks the console will sell quite well, predicting around 21 million units sold by March 31, 2022.

$499 is roughly the price he predicted as well (as he talked yen) which would be a little high compared to PS4 but very understandable. So, while not an official confirmation by any means, Yasuda's prediction seems pretty on the money; previous Sony consoles have traditionally launched in the same time frame, after all.

Then again, there are some analysts that believe the PS5 will be cheaper than expected. For example, Pelham Smithers from Pelham Smithers Associates research company shared his opinion with Wired that the device can cost only $399. Yasuda expects the PS5 to be made available in November 2020 for a price of ¥49,980/US$499.

That figure is similar to the price of the Xbox One X, the current most powerful console on the market, meaning fans are getting plenty of bang for their buck if the rumors regarding the PS5's specifications turn out to be true.

Sony is not likely to reveal any new info on the PS5 just yet, and since it's not attending E3 this year, we shouldn't expect any info from Los Angeles next month.

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