Witness Captures Officer's Struggle With Woman, Fatal Shots

Pamela Turner was shot by an unidentified Baytown Texas cop

Pamela Turner was shot by an unidentified Baytown Texas cop

Witnesses who saw the woman frequently walking her dog in the area said they believe she may have had mental issues.

Kevin Davis, a police detective and the author of a book on investigating police use of force, said it is impossible to make a proper assessment of Turner's shooting based only on the video and facts released so far. The officer tased the woman at least once to subdue her.

In the video, which was shot at night, it is not apparently clear that Turner got hold of the officer's taser. "I'm actually walking to my house".

A Texas police officer shot a woman dead during an arrest attempt.

"You're actually harassing me", the woman can be heard saying in the video as the Taser is being used. There is a popping noise, then the sound of a deploying stun gun.

The shaky footage catches the cop Tasering her, with her on the ground getting shocked as she yells, "I'm pregnant!" The stun gun noise is heard again. She managed to evade the officer.

In the video, the woman appears to reach for the officer, who stands back and fires five shots toward her.

Cellphone footage captured the struggle between Turner and the officer. A struggle ensued and the officer used his Taser on her, but she allegedly grabbed it from him and used it on him as he was trying to handcuff her.

"It's unfortunate that somebody takes a tragic incident like this and posts it on social media", Dorris complained, according to KPRC. "Our hearts go out to the families of the deceased, as well as our officer".

The officer has been placed on administrative leave. He was not injured severely enough to be treated at a hospital.

"If somebody takes your Taser away from you and starts tasing you, there's a very good likelihood that this is going to escalate and get very bad for the officer from there", Dorris told reporters on Monday. That is when an unidentified Baytown officer recognized her from prior encounters. The Harris County District Attorney's Office is assisting in the investigation. "They need time to cope with that and wrap their brains around what transpired".

Investigators are trying to contact whoever recorded the video, because the person was a witness to the shooting, the lieutenant said. "It was a sad situation", Cuellar said. She also revealed that her sister was on medication for schizophrenia. It's extremely disrespectful for everybody involved. "We owe it to everyone involved, including the decedent, to do a professional investigation", he said.

Fatal police shootings have been a common occurrence in the USA, with every year since 2015 seeing almost 1,000 incidents.

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