'Thor' actor Isaac Kappy dies at 42

Isaac Kappy

Isaac Kappy Dead – Actor Who Allegedly Assaulted Paris Jackson Commits Suicide

It is gathered that the film star jumped from the Transwestern Road bridge over Interstate 40 near Bellmont, Arizona, before being hit by a auto. The 42-year-old died on the scene.

Kappy appeared in films including Thor, Terminator Salvation and The Babysitter.

Kappy jumped to his death from a bridge Monday in Bellemont, Arizona, Bart Graves a spokesman with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, confirmed to Deadline.

Actor Isaac Kappy died after "forcing himself" off of a bridge.

The fatal plunge comes after Kappy posted an ominous note to his Instagram account, captioned, "Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect". The actor deleted nearly all of the posts off of his Instagram page on May 12, leaving just one long message, which he posted that day and captioned, "Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect".

The statement in view of the page's 5,166 followers, began: "Over the course of the last week, through introspection that should have happened MANY years ago, I have come to some stark revelations about my character".

"See the light in others. this lesson has come too late for me, but perhaps it can inspire you". HAVE NOT been a good guy.

The statement went on: "I HAVE NOT been a good guy".

He wrote: " I have betrayed many people and much trust.

Kappy, who admitted to abusing drugs and alcohol, apologized to President Trump and included numerous references to the far-right conspiracy group QAnon, writing, "While I supposedly wanted to make America great, I have not put much work AT ALL into making MYSELF great".

"To the MANY people I have acted abusively towards, I am very, very sorry", he continued.

"I will be using the remainder of my time on earth to atone for my transgressions, and to seek the light within, in others and myself".

The actor who allegedly choked Paris Jackson and accused fellow movie star Seth Green of pedophilia took his own life this week when he fatally plunged from an Arizona bridge.

Thor and Terminator Salvation actor Isaac Kappy died in Arizona after "forcing himself" off a bridge and getting struck by a vehicle.

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