Norris points finger at Stroll after Spain collision

Norris and Stroll escape penalty over Turn 2 collision | Formula 1®

'It was his fault': Lando Norris places blame on Lance Stroll crashing out of the Spanish Grand Prix

McLaren's Lando Norris and Racing Point's Lance Stroll were the sole retirements in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix after making contact on Lap 46 and bringing out the Safety Car. After that, I don't know if he saw me going into Turn 2 but I was still on the inside and he just turned in and didn't leave me enough space.

Stroll and Norris came together while battling for 14th position with 21 laps to go, that forced both to retire on the spot and prompted a safety auto.

The pair collided as they ran through Turn 2, with Norris' front right wheel connecting with the rear-left wheel of Stroll's vehicle.

"I haven't seen the replay of the incident with Lando yet, so I need to have a look at it in detail first", said Stroll.

Stewards investigated the clash after the race - and decided neither driver was "wholly or predominantly to blame".

"I braked on the inside while he was on the outside and then I had to turn in to make the left hand corner", said Stroll. I had to make the corner, so I turned in. I just know I had my vehicle on the inside for turn two, having been on the outside for turn one.

"Car 4 [Norris] attempted to pass vehicle 18 [Stroll], on the outside, in turn 1 but did not in the view of the stewards, complete the overtake because the auto 4 was not completely alongside vehicle 18", the stewards' explanation read. With half of Norris' auto alongside, Stroll turned into the apex of Turn 2 and Norris didn't back out in time, resulting in both cars retiring on the spot and the safety vehicle being deployed.

"The driver of vehicle 4 believed that he had the right to be allowed "racing room" into turn 2 whereas the driver of auto 18 stated that he was on the racing line in turn 1 and had to take turn 2 by remaining on the racing line".

"The Stewards reviewed video evidence and heard from the driver of auto 4 (Lando Norris), the driver of vehicle 18 (Lance Stroll) and the team representatives", explained an FIA stewards statement.

"I was still on the outside, I had a decent part of my auto on the outside for Turn 2".

"I'm the one driving the auto".

"Whether I shouldn't have risked trying to overtake him".

"He cut across the front of my auto and he put himself out of the race and me out of the race".

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