Madonna urged to boycott Eurovision with Papa Don’t Preach parody

13 2019 shows an anti-occupation billboard by Israeli NGO Breaking The Silence erected on a street in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv

Madonna vows to sing at Eurovision, despite calls for boycott

The European Broadcast Union (EBU), which has overall responsibility for the annual event, said it has not yet completed the paperwork necessary for Madonna to perform.

Madonna has been urged to pull out of performing at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with a "Papa Don't Preach" parody that focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Many boycott calls have targeted Madonna, who arrived in Israel on Tuesday, ahead of the American pop star's guest performance at the Eurovision final.

"We asked Palestine - "do you want us to come?' 'No - do not come" and that's what you do, you respect the people who are being oppressed", said guitarist Joff Oddie. We have an artist who would like to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, and who we would love to welcome on that stage, but for that we need to have the framework secured.

She says she prays for "a new path toward peace".

Kan played down the incident, noting that the evening ended without any other incident as Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland, San Marino and Slovenia made it through to Saturday's finals. She is expected to perform two songs during the show's interval, including one track from her new Madame X album.

Israel's webcast of the Eurovision Song Contest was hacked with animated images of explosions in the host city, Tel Aviv, amid growing calls by pro-Palestinian activists to boycott the event.

The Eurovision Song Contest continues with the second semi-final on May 18, and the finale airing live on SBS at 5am Sunday 19 May.

Many artists continue to play Israel while condemning the ongoing bloodshed in the Israeli/Palestine conflict, including Nick Cave, who a year ago wrote an open letter calling "the cultural boycott of Israel... cowardly and shameful". The winning country customarily hosts the following year.

The BDS - modelled after the South African anti-apartheid movement - was formed in 2005 by more than 200 Palestinian civil society organisations, urging non-violent pressure on Israel until it complies with worldwide law. After all songs have been performed, viewers in each country can then vote for their favourites, excluding the song from their own nation, with points awarded by ranking.

'They are also forcing many Sabbath-observant Jews to work on Saturday, and we can't foil their scheme, and this (desecration) is a danger to our presence here in the Holy Land, ' the 91-year-old spiritual leader said in the letter circulating on religious media.

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