Keanu Reeves to Sink Feet, Hands in Cement at Chinese Theatre

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Keanu Reeves' profound take on life and death leaves internet speechless. 'He could easily pick up Mjolnir,' say fans

Fortnite data miners found a John Wick character skin hidden in the game's v9.01 update game files, which is almost a confirmation that the special event Wick's Bounty is coming this week to the game.

At the end of the interview, Colbert posed the the question to Reeves, "What do you think happens when we die?".

Various dataminers and leakers have shared details they've dug up about Keanu Reeves' perpetually damp character, including a Wick-inspired bounty mode and a broody skin. Do you agree that it was the flawless answer?

His reply clearly stunned Colbert, who sat silent for a moment before shaking Reeves' hand.

It's not the first John Wick crossover in Fortnite, but it is a little bit odd. In the John Wick movies, these special gold coins are a form of currency, used a way to secure services in the underworld instead of traceable forms of money such as cash or credit cards.

Lastly, the description of the LTM has been leaked giving players an idea of what to expect.

John Wick took place in a universe that didn't seem too different from our own.

"We want to say thank you to the fans", Reeves said alongside Winter, 53, in a video shot from the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in March.

For a brief second-act, the action goes global, with Wick travelling to North Africa by unexplained means to meet with a man who apparently runs the entire planet from a tent reachable only by camel.

The film even cracks a couple of Matrix in-jokes - one visual, one a line - just so we know that Reeves and co are in on the gag and winking at us to let us know.

Parabellum is set to release on May 17.

The first two John Wick films were both critically-acclaimed and amassed a combined $260.3M at the box office worldwide, as well as spawning a virtual reality mobile game.

Strangely, I mostly remain invested and happily along for the ride.

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