Company offers summer job of playing Fortnite

Are you looking for some extra side money that doesn't involve leaving the couch this summer?

The website is looking to hire one lucky gamer to play Fortnite for 50 hours while testing our various high speed internet connections.

The selected candidate will receive $1,000 in cash to play "Fortnite" for 50 hours.

- Not only is Fortnite free, there is actually a way to be paid to play the popular online game. After completion of the mission, the selected applicant will get a $1,000 check and one year of high-speed internet access with a total incentive package valued at nearly $3,000. All that time can be accumulated between June 7 and July 13-you don't have to complete any marathon gaming sessions-and the gameplay must be livestreamed to Twitch.

"In addition to killing off those annoying bush campers, you'll also want to test your skills with your new internet speeds".

The company is offering this incentive to showcase its high-speed internet.

Applicants must be over the age of 18, but you do not need to be a professional gamer to qualify.

Deadline: Interested parties must apply by May 31. The victor will be announced on June 7.

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