Diver breaks record with deepest submarine voyage ever recorded, finds discarded plastic

Deepest ever dive finds plastic bag at bottom of Mariana Trench

Explorer reaches deepest spot on Earth in historic dive

Movie director James Cameron then made a solo plunge half a century later in 2012 in his bright green sub.

Details of the voyage, made May 1, were released for the first time on Monday. The dive was 52 feet deeper than any previous manned dive, Vescovo's Five Deeps Expedition said. Since our dives don't have near the physical trauma associated with extreme mountain climbing, I do believe what Sir Hillary and Tenzing did was more overall more hard and certainly intense.

"It was my objective all along to not just pursue an adventure, but also to push technology to its limit and keep advancing us all to do things that before now we thought were impossible".

Victor Vescovo and his team are in the middle of the Five Deeps Expedition. The group is using a submersible called Limiting Factor to complete its challenge.

The team next plans to conduct dives in the Tonga Trench in the South Pacific Ocean.

The 'Five Deeps' expedition has already successfully reached the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

The ocean depths represent some of the least explored and remote places on the planet.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest, but Vescovo is quick to point out their achievement was far greater than his in reaching the deepest place on Earth.

At the deepest point, they were accompanied by some transparent bottom-dwelling sea cucumbers (Holothurians) and an amphipod called the Hirondellia gigas.

"I always had the urge to explore, even as a little kid", Vescovo said.

The extreme pressure and darkness make it extremely challenging to travel deep beneath the sea and capture images.

In an interview with CNN, the American diver said his team were going to perform tests on the creatures to determine the percentage of plastics found in them.

The Five Deeps Expedition is exploring the planet's deepest undersea places. They found one 8,530 feet (2,600 m) below the surface, one 14,600 feet (4,450 m) and two at the deepest point they reached.

"Our team had to pioneer new camera systems that could be mounted on the submersible, operate at up to 10,000m below sea level and work with robotic landers with camera systems that would allow us to film Victor's submersible on the bottom of the ocean".

"It is nearly indescribable how excited all of us are about achieving what we just did", Vescovo told BBC News.

"That is my honest hope - to sell the system to an institute, government, or individual, that can use the whole diving system to advance marine science for decades to come".

Diving isn't Vescovo's only passion- he's also a climber.

"Honestly, it feels like a very great privilege", Vescovo told For The Win Outdoors in an email.

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